Updates for April

Got a couple changes coming your way this month. Or really just one change, with a few little changes wrapped up in it.

Later this month, April 24th, is the release date for Legz's new EP Pup, with a release show at Silent Barn in Bushwick. Digital versions of this EP will be available for purchase from this site. Our downloads carry with them no restrictions or DRMs, and through your free account at UpstreamStudios.com (which you'll be required to set up in order to use our shopping cart) you will have access to your purchase for as long as we're around.

That means that it won't matter if your hard drive fails, or phone gets broken, stolen, or... anything. You'll never have to repurchase these files from our website. We just ask that you treat us kindly and don't steal or mass distribute your downloads.

There will be more information forthcoming on that release show, but mark your calendars. It's going to be awesome.