Episode 1

            Brick Manly was cruising through the cosmos when...

            "Gasp!" said Brick. "That was comet!"

            Brick wasn't the brightest of intergalactic, buff superheroes. Well, maybe the buff ones. But he was so slow that he failed to notice that this comet was on a collision course with his ship.

            "Oh no!" shouted Brick. "Ship move funny!"

            Brick's ship went out of control after the comet hit it, and Brick Manly was sent careening into a planet.

            "Oh. Brick not like this."

            Brick Manly got out of his incapacitated starship and surveyed his surroundings. He was on a lonely rock with no atmosphere.

            "Oh," said Brick.

            He wasn't wearing a space suit.

            "Oh. Brick die now. Ugh." And he hit the ground...


            Brick woke up later to a bright white light. Not having a thought in his head anyway, he naturally never came to the conclusion that he was dead and that this was the famous white light at the end of the tunnel. But he didn't need to, because soon a group of aliens showed up to probe him.

            "Oh. Brick don't get it. What you do to Brick?"

            The aliens looked at one another for a while. Then they shrugged their shoulders and resumed probing...