Episode 20

         They entered the reactor control room and immediately all of the technicians quickened their pace, hustling around the room completing tasks. No one wanted to look unproductive in front of the guest supervisor. But since the (insert really complicated and technologically advanced sounding name) was so self-sufficient, all of the tasks were completed within seconds, leaving the technicians scrambling to find a way to look hard at work.

         Brick took all this in with a relaxed naiveté, and wondered why one of the technicians kept going back and forth across the room, pressing buttons on the wall where there were no buttons. Brick tried hard to figure out why the technician was acting this way.

         “Brick help.” He walked over to the console on the opposite side of the room and said, “Here buttons. See?” He pointed.

         The technician stopped, horribly embarrassed. Brick said, “Look.” He started pushing buttons on the console. All of a sudden, an alarm sounded and a loud voice boomed out, “Warning: Reactor Failure Imminent. Warning…” The room was bathed in a red light. Everybody started to panic, screams rang out. Brick, unphased by all of this, pressed a couple more buttons on the console. A green light came on and the alarms stopped. The voice said, “Crisis Averted.” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The staff of technicians all looked at Brick with respect and admiration, and chuckled to themselves at the joke he had just played on them.

         Xinxa pressed a button on its communicator and two guards came into the room. The previously embarrassed technician shrieked in fear.

         “Take this one away,” said Xinxa, pointing. “For trying to deceive Mr. Manling.” The guards dragged the technician away, struggling and screaming.