Episode 2

            Brick Manly was being lead down a corridor to his cell.

            "Brick walk funny," he said with a giggle. He was pleased, yet confused about this interesting new sensation he was feeling.

            "Do not worry," said one of the aliens. "We will still respect you in the morning."

            A very confused Brick was placed in his cell. All of the other alien prisoners were sitting and talking in their one cell. All except for Brick, who was put in a cell all his own. The aliens that

had probed him had come to theory that his intelligence had been damaged by some disease and they didn't want it to spread. Brick could hear the other prisoners talking and laughing. He sighed and went to sleep.

            The other prisoners were a diverse mix from several different planets. They had all formed a tight bond with each other, which they would need if they were to break out that night...