Episode 22

         Brick lay in his bunk in a fitful sleep. He had been dreaming his normal dreamy little dreams of cute, fuzzy little puppy dogs playing in a green grassy field. He was five years old, and skipping merrily over the hills, tumbling around with the puppies.

         “Brick want stay like this forever,” he said, in a high-pitched kindergartener’s voice.

         One of the puppies looked up at Brick and let out a yelp. It crouched down close to the ground, wagging its little tail. Just then, it leaped at Brick and sank its teeth into his ankle. Brick let out a scream of terror. He tried to get the puppy to let go, but it wouldn’t give up his ankle. Then the grass started to burn up into ash. It started far across the field and eventually passed by Brick and the puppies, continuing into infinity behind them. All the puppies disappeared in a burst of light and smoke. All of a sudden Brick was his normal adult self again.

         Brick was kneeling over the burnt ground when he noticed a burst of light above him. He looked up to see Todd floating above him, smiling. Light emanated from him, and Brick was almost blinded. Then Brick noticed that Todd was gradually drifting away from him. Brick stood up and started to follow. Todd kept moving faster. Brick started to run. He couldn’t catch up. Brick called out to him. Then he was falling, spinning head over heels through the air…


         Brick awoke with a start. He didn’t know what to make of the dream. He looked over at Todd. Todd was missing. Brick froze. He sat up to see where Todd could be. Nowhere. He got up and looked around the room. He looked under the pillows, under the bunks, and then under the pillows again (that was all that was in his cell). Brick’s friend had disappeared.