Episode 11

            The Grey One was waiting for Brick to arrive. It sat silently, awaiting him. Drhakul came through the doorway of The Grey One’s briefing room. Following closely behind was Brick, flanked by the two guards. Drhakul walked over and stopped at the side of the room. Started to follow him when one of the guards nudged him (hit him). Brick looked at his attacker, who made a hand gesture towards a chair across the table from The Grey One. Brick didn’t seem to understand. The guard made another very forceful gesture. Brick just sort of shrugged and started for the spot next to Drhakul again.

            “Sit down,” said The Grey One. Brick finally put two and two together, which was incredible because he had been working on that for twenty-six years and always had gotten three. Brick sat down.

            “I have been thinking about things since you were put into a cell,” said The Grey One. “You said that you wanted to fix my engines.”

            “Brick fix engine,” Brick exclaimed, quite excited.

            “Yes, I know. You said that already.” The Grey One paused for a moment. “Well, I’m just going to come right out with it. I would like you to inspect my engine room. My engines don’t need any fixing at the moment, but I believe that you are somewhat of an expert in this field. You seem to be very excited about it all, and you were very straightforward when you got here. I think that your knowledge and assistance could prove to be very valuable to me in the future. That is my offer. Do you accept?”

            Brick looked a little puzzled at The Grey One for a moment. He then offered a response. “Brick fix… engine?”

            “Excellent. I will call upon you when needed. Drhakul, take him to his new quarters. And then come back to me. I want to have a word with you.”

            Drhakul did as The Grey One asked, and the guards escorted Brick out of the briefing room. The Grey One disconnected the translator box and sat pondering.