Episode 14

         Brick was awakened by a loud pounding at the door. The lights were out. Brick groped around in the dark for Todd.

         “Where Todd?” Brick could not find him. He felt around in the other bunk. Nothing. Brick was getting anxious. He sat up. The lights came up. Todd fell over on his back by the door.

         “How you get all way over there, Todd?”

         Todd was reluctant to give an answer.

         “I surprised at you.” Brick hopped down off his bunk. “You act very funny, Todd. Brick get mad at you.” Brick wasn’t really mad, but he was certainly cross. Todd had been ignoring him for a while now, and it was beginning to create tension between the two of them. And that was the last thing that they needed now.

         “Come back to bed, Todd,” said Brick as he climbed back into his bunk. Todd was motionless. “Todd? Todd, what are you doing?”

         Todd’s bold defiance seemed to be thumbing his nose at Brick. But their argument was cut short by the arrival of a visitor. The door slid open and in walked Drhakul. Drhakul stopped as its foot bumped into Todd. Drhakul looked down at Todd, lying there in the doorway, desperately wanting to get out. Drhakul picked up the brick and laid him down on the lower bunk. The door slid closed.

         Brick, who had turned to watch Drhakul enter the room, now lost interest because Drhakul hadn’t said anything yet. Figuring that Drhakul wasn’t going to say anything, Brick climbed the rest of the way into his bunk and lay down to sleep. Drhakul sat down on the lower bunk.

         “Brick, I came to talk to you,” Drhakul said.

         Brick poked his head over the side of the bunk. “Wha?”

         “I have a proposition to make, Brick. Are you interested?”

         “A propojishun?”

         “You wanna do me a favor?” asked Drhakul.

         “Brick do favor!” he said, quite excited. Brick always liked to help out, but it was so seldom that anybody would let him.

         “Splendid,” said Drhakul. “The Grey One has become mad with power. We cannot allow the Grey One to continue in this way. The Grey One has decided to allow you access to the engines. We can only guess as to the real reason why. I believe that the Grey One has grown fond of you. And I can sense a weakness in this. The Grey One is still not sure whether you can be trusted, but after you have proven yourself, you will be accepted into the Grey One’s circle. And that is when we will act. Are you with me?”

         Brick seemed puzzled. “Brick right here.”

         “Excellent. When the time comes, I will tell you what needs to be done. I thought that I could count on you. You will be helping my people, indeed, the entire universe. It won’t be easy, but I believe in you.”

         Brick was starting to get tired. “Brick feel heavy.”

         “I can understand that. But don’t let hard times weigh you down. You can overcome this. Now I’m afraid that I must go. Just continue as you would, and expect to receive a communication from me. Good-bye.” The door slid open and Drhakul walked out of the room. As the door slid closed, Brick let out a long sigh.

         “Brick tired. You tired, Todd?” Todd lay face down on the bunk. Motionless.

         Brick was too tired to climb back up into his bunk. He slid in next to Todd, and was soon fast asleep. He couldn’t remember much of what had happened that night, only that Drhakul had come to visit him, and that he was to do some sort of favor.