Episode 6

            Brick materialized on a red, rocky planet. He looked around.

            “Where alien guys go?” asked Brick. He couldn’t understand. He had been on the ship, about to attack his captors, when they zapped him. He reappeared here. They had grown tired of keeping him around and had placed him on the nearest planet. The desolate Theta-X 1138... 7.

            “Brick head feel funny,” Brick said as his voice started to rise. “Brick sound funny. Hee hee.” What Brick didn’t know was that the atmosphere on Theta- 1138-7 was composed primarily of Helium, with low levels of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Krypton. Since Brick’s brain didn’t draw too much oxygen, he was in no danger of dying, or even passing out. But none of this concerned Brick. He was trying to figure out how to get home. “Where Brick?”

            Brick started to trek across the rocky terrain. He walked over hills, and through canyons, and around big rocks, and over little rocks. He walked up to a brine pool. “Brick thirsty!” he said, plunging his head into the salty waters. He stayed down for a few seconds. He yanked his head out of the pool with a great splash. “Yuk! Brick not thirsty anymore. Oh… Brick wish water was real water.” The brine had changed his voice back to normal. He started wiping his tongue off with his sleeve. His stomach didn’t feel too good. He fell over on his back. “Ugh,” Brick let out a long moan. He went to sleep.


            Brick woke up with a headache. He looked around. “Where Brick?” He had forgotten where he was. Just then, Brick saw something. It was off in the distance. It almost blended in with the red of the surrounding terrain, but it was just a little bit darker. Brick went over to check it out.

            It was an oddly shaped rock. It was a little under a foot long, a few inches wide and a couple of inches high. Straight edges, corners, it was a rectangle. It was a dark, brownish-red. And on the side facing up was a crude smiley-face drawn on with chalk. Brick looked at it for a while.

            “Who are you?” Brick asked. It didn’t answer. “Don’t you have name?” Still nothing. Brick waited for a while, in case it was thinking about the question first. “Are you lost?” The face just stared straight up into space, a little too happy for its own good. “Me lost, too.” Silence.

            “We lost together!” said Brick, picking up the brick and hugging it. He smiled. The brick smiled back. “Don’t worry. Brick help you out. If you not have no name, then Brick give you name. Hmm,” said Brick, thinking hard. “Brick will call you… Todd. Me and you will be bestest friends. Todd and Brick.” And so saying, Brick and Todd walked off into the distance, skipping to and fro...