Episode 4

            The party moved down the passageway, hoping that the aliens wouldn't discover them. Brick led them, even though he didn't know where he was going. Finally, the first prisoner (who we shall refer to as Larry) spoke up. "Where are we going, Brick?"

            "Brick give up. Where?

            "Hold on, everybody," said the third prisoner, whose name was also Larry. "He doesn't know where he's going." Disappointed sighs could be heard throughout the corridor. Just then somebody else spoke up.

            "Why don't we split up and take our chances?"

            "Larry's right. We should split up," said Larry. "Larry, you and Larry take Larry and go east."

            "How are we supposed to know which way is east?"

            "It's that way," said Larry, pointing to his right.

            "No it isn't," said Larry. "It's that way."

            "Never mind that. You three just go that way. Crocomyilev[1], you and Larry go west... errr, that way," he said, pointing to his left. "I'll take Larry and Stan and head back the way we came."

            "What about Brick?"

            "Oh. You can just keep going the way you were going," said Larry.

            "Oh boy!" said Brick.


[1] Snorkenese for Larry