Episode 7

            Brick and Todd had been walking for days over the dusty hills and dunes of the red planet. “Brick hungry.” Todd was doing alright, though he was getting a little dry. Brick didn’t know how much longer they would be able to hold out.

            Just then, Brick saw something. “Look, Todd.” A flash of light streaked across the black sky. “Ooh, pretty.” Brick started to run after it, no small feat considering that it was probably moving at a few hundred miles an hour. He watched as it crashed into the planet some distance away. “Come on, Todd,” he said. “We go see what that was.”

            It was a little more than an hour before they caught up with the object. It was the smoldering wreckage of a space ship.

            “Oooooh! We lucky, Todd,” Brick exclaimed to his pal. “That get us home.” They walked up to the ship.

            Peering in the door, they discovered that the ship was empty. “You wait here,” he said to Todd, placing him down on the floor just inside the doorway. Brick started to inspect the ship. Everything looked okay. Brick looked very carefully at the controls. They looked pretty simple; there was a button marked “fly” and a button marked “land”. He looked very closely at the buttons. He pushed the “fly” button. Nothing happened. He pushed it again, this time holding it down for a moment after pressing it. Still nothing. On a hunch, he pushed the other button. Still nothing. He walked back to the door.

            “Ship won’t fly, Todd. Brick go back and check engine.” Brick went back, imagining that he would be able to fix the crippled ship. He went into the engine room and looked around. It was dark. He reached around on the wall. His motion set off sensors, which turned on the lights. He looked around again.

            “Hmmmm,” said Brick, quite perplexed. On one of the larger machines in the room, he saw something that looked like a switch. He got closer. It was a big switch, with “On” written at one end, and “Off” written at the other. It was switched to “Off”. “Hmmmmm,” said Brick, thinking over the possibilities in his mind. He flipped the switch to “On”.

            All at once, the engines began to rumble and the ship started to shake. Brick could feel the ship starting to rise. Outside of the engine room, near the doorway, Todd was knocked over. He lay, face down, on the floor. The doors closed. The ship was taking off.