Episode 9

            Brick and Todd were dragged briskly from their tiny ship and through the Spartan halls of their captors’ ship. Their alien captors were quite large and strong. They wore rather brutish looking black armor, adorned with spikes, and they all carried these large, ghastly looking blades with prongs and points and spikes on them.  Brick was quite puzzled, they kept asking Todd questions. Why wouldn’t he tell them what they wanted? Brick thought. The two of them were dragged into a room where they saw standing an alien wearing light grey armor. It made a motion over to two chairs and the aliens forcefully pushed Brick and Todd into them.

            The grey alien spoke. “Grak ghaf shog drashish nash gakh!”

            Brick leaned over to Todd. “What did he say?”

            “Tros grak ghaf shog drashish nash gakh!!” the alien said, even more angrily than before. Brick just looked up and sort of smiled. The alien lifted up a hand towards one of the other aliens. “Fraken graken feck.” The alien left the room. It returned a short time later with a small black box, which it gave to the alien. The alien fixed the box to its waist.

            “Who are you, who travels through the territory of the Grak and does not speak its language?” asked the alien. Its voice was deep and tinny and seemed to come from all over the room.

            “His name Todd,” said Brick.


            “Uh huh.”

            “Then who are you?”

            “I Brick.”


            “Brick Manly!” said Brick, standing and striking a gallant pose.

            “Son of a bitch,” the alien could be heard to mutter under its breath.

            “Who you?” asked Brick, in a playful, innocent way.

            “I am the conqueror of a thousand worlds, the slayer of the Great Zon, creature of a million deaths, defeater of four of the six ancient races, feared by all who have heard my name. They call me… The Grey One.”

            “Grey One?” asked Brick.

            “It’s more impressive before translation,” replied The Grey One. “Why have you come here, Brick… Manling? Do you challenge the Grak?”

            “Brick fix engine!” replied Brick.

            “You… what?”

            “Brick fix engine. That why Brick here.”

            “So you have come to fix our engines,” said The Grey One, chuckling to itself. “You idiot! You dare to think that we would share our technologies with you?! Drhakul, throw them in a cell. We will not waste our time with such fools.”

            One of the other Grak (Drhakul) motioned to the guards surrounding Brick and Todd. They forcefully grabbed our two heroes and dragged them away. The Grey One was left alone with its thoughts. “The fools,” it said, letting out a maniacal cackle. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hmmph?” The Grey One looked down at the small black translator box. It let out a long sigh, and removed the translator box from its waist. “Kra kra kra kra kra!”