Episode 8

            Brick sauntered out of the engine room. “Brick make ship go fly,” he said, very proud of himself. Then he saw Todd. He threw up his hands in shock. “Oh no! Todd, are you alright?” He carefully picked up Todd off the floor. “You should be more careful, Todd. You scare Brick.” Brick could see a glint of sorrow in Todd’s tiny little eyes.

            “Oh, that okay. You only scare Brick. Brick worry ‘bout you.” Todd’s normal, happy-go-lucky smile returned. “Now come along. Let’s see where ship go.”

            Brick sat in the pilot’s chair and gazed out the window. All he saw was empty space with a couple of stars scattered here and there. Brick sat analyzing the empty space. “Look, Todd… Look!” He held the brick up to the window. Todd scanned the icy blackness. He didn’t seem too excited.

            In the distance, they could see a shiny object approaching. Brick looked around for something to clean the window with. When he looked back, the object had gotten closer. He started to get worried. He thought he should try to do something. He started pushing buttons.

            Given that there was no place to land, pushing the “Land” button, in retrospect, wasn’t the best thing that Brick could have done. The engines went off, and the ship went adrift in space. As they crept closer and closer to the strange object, Brick began to make out the outline of a ship. But it was unlike any ship that he had ever seen before. The hull was bright and shiny. It reflected the light of the nearest star off one side, and the blackness of space on the other. “Pretty,” said Brick.

            A gentle white light came from the ship and hit Brick’s ship. They started to slow down, and then came to a stop. The strange ship turned around so that it’s front was facing Brick. Brick could see through the other ship’s view window. There was a purplish being there at the controls. Light seemed to emanate from it. It lifted up a hand and seemed to wave at Brick as a smile came across its face. Brick smiled and waved back. He felt truly at peace with this new being.

            Just then, a huge dark ship materialized out of space. It locked its weapons and fired on the alien ship. The craft disintegrated into tiny luminescent pieces. The menacing ship then fired a tracking beam at Brick’s ship and pulled it into its docking area, where it was captured and secured. Then the lines of the ship blurred as it disappeared, just as quickly and suddenly as it had appeared.