Episode 17

         Xinxa waited outside of the bodily waste receptacle room (which in Grak is shortened to “xehn”). It wasn’t aware of the fact that he hadn’t been since before his old ship was hit by a comet. So he was in there for a while. It looked at the brick that he had given to it. It seemed so silly to Xinxa, to carry around something so useless. But it decided that it must have some special importance to Brick, so it stopped short of really criticizing him for it. But there was something else about the block of redness in its hand. It couldn’t quite place her finger on it, so to speak.

         Brick came out of the xehn feeling quite refreshed. Like a great weight had been lifted off his… shoulders. Xinxa again stood at attention, though not quite as rigid as before. Brick stood there a moment.

         “Brick hungry,” he said. Xinxa gave him a look of both confusion and “what do you want me to do about it?” There was a short pause between them. “Brick hungry,” he said again.

         “Very well, sir,” replied Xinxa. “If you will follow me…” It started off.

         “What?” asked Brick.

         “I’m sorry?”

         “If I follow you, what happen?” he asked quite innocently.

         Xinxa sighed. “Just follow me, please, sir.” It took him to be joking (badly), and brushed off the question, holding Brick in anticipation of the answer. As they walked along towards the dining area, he tried to figure out what it could be. He didn’t have the slightest idea. He wondered if Todd had figured it out yet. This was certainly going to be a fun day if Xinxa was going to play games, he thought.

         They arrived at the dining area and Brick got all excited. He also hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since before his ship was hit by a comet. And he was starving. He could see where the food was being served, and he darted over. He grabbed up an armful of small, round things which he thought were some kind of breakfast cake and sat down at a table. Xinxa walked over and set Todd down beside Brick as he started wolfing down the soft round goodies. Xinxa was astonished. It had never seen anyone eat so many dishes before.