Episode 3

            Brick was awakened by a loud pounding. He looked up and saw someone pounding on his head with a hammer. Whoever it was was doing it through a small hole in the wall right behind Brick's head. They were getting frustrated because to them it seemed like they had run into a reinforced wall. Little did they realize that it was just Brick's skull. Brick sat up.

            "Ow!" shouted Brick. "You made head hurt."

            The one with the digging hammer shouted back to the others. "We've broken through!" Cheers could be heard throughout the tunnel. They widened the hole and proceeded to fill up Brick's cell. Brick confronted his attackers.

            "Huh," said Brick.

            "We didn't break out. We just broke into somebody else's cell." Disappointed sighs could be heard throughout the cell.


            "Who are you?" said the first prisoner.



            "Brick Manly!" he exclaimed as he struck a gallant pose. Trumpet fanfare could be heard off in the distance.

            "What are you, some kind of a superhero or something?" said another prisoner.

            "Brick like superhero."

            "Great," said a third prisoner. "Do you think you could help us escape?"

            "Brick bend bars like candy."

            "Woah, slow down there, Brick," said the first prisoner. "There aren't any bars. Only walls."

            "Brick know walls," and he ran through the door. All of the escaping prisoners were delighted. Cheers could be heard throughout the cell.

            "Here, Brick," said the third prisoner. "Take this phaser. You can help us break out."

            "Selzzif!" said Brick.


            "Brick don't know."

            "Okay," said the prisoner. "You know what? I think I'll just hang on to this phaser."