Episode 18

         “Ja kega nak shoxor ga sig,” said Drhakul. Indeed the Grey One did see what the problem was. Drhakul had made it all too clear. Just then they received a message from the bridge.

         “Geir kak grogaxi ni sa sigaut vava, Grashogakh Krellagh,” said the Bridge Captain. “Xi kroga shogan.”

         “Jak sho, Daga. Gih xor ga shok.” The Grey One looked at Drhakul. “Chock xoh gah harah glak ki,” it said. The Grey One stood up and walked out of the room, with Drhakul following. They stepped into the central hub of the command deck. It was a room not unlike an elevator on the edge of a huge disk that spun (slowly), bringing its passengers to different parts of the command deck. It enabled for a lot more space for the command staff and various others doing business on this deck, while shortening travel time. The hub came to a stop and the doors opened on the bridge of the ship. The Grey One and Drhakul entered the bridge in haste.

         “Qgai xik vava,” commanded the Grey One. The view screen changed from the space in front of the ship to the inside of the unknown vessel. The crew of the vessel was from various alien races, wearing red uniforms with black pants. The Grey One switched on his translator box. “What is it that you want?”

         “We have come to bring the one known as ‘The Grey One’ to stand trial on Epsilon Prime. Am I correct in assuming that that is you?”

         “You must joking,” said the Grey One.

         "We are prepared to fight,” said the commander of the other ship. "But we will not fight unless it is necessary."

         The Grey One looked at their red uniforms and sized them up. It could see that their time would soon be up. They wouldn’t be any threat.

         "Why would you be prepared to fight if it wasn't necessary for you to fight?"


         "You say you have come here prepared to fight, but you've made it quite clear to me that you are not ready to fight. Tell me, please, what you hoped to accomplish."



         "Yes, sir."

         "Vaporize them."

         Before the red shirted commander could utter another syllable, their ship was gone. Just a cloud of dust rapidly being pulled apart by space. Beneath the Grey One’s helmet a lipless smile came across its face.